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  • The week has been an almost constant source of individual comments regarding the whole of your visit here. This place is abuzz with excitement as the result of the weekend. We were blessed and doubly blessed.
  • Thank you so much for your stunning plenary presentation at our conference last week. We not only learned from your example, it was a time of worship for us. That doesn’t happen often in plenary addresses, so it is a rare and deeply treasured moment. We are all deeply grateful.
  • Oh. My. Gosh. This was absolutely THE best workshop ever... ever. The caliber of what you presented and how you presented it, your methodology of teaching and sharing information, always affirming and invitational. I will be absorbing for quite a while.
  • The planning retreat has made a tremendous difference in worship already. I have fleshed out the year thanks to your modeling how to make the lectionary work in series!! Thank you for letting God use you and your team!
  • Our worship has been SO blessed by the Worship Design Studio's amazing resources! I'm grateful for all the talent you share with the series and planning—it makes my job less stressful when the mechanics and admin of running a church intrude, as they regularly do, on my worship planning and creativity time.
  • I want to express my sincere thanks and joy for your webinar. I enjoyed every minute and I actually took great notes! It was wonderful!

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