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Archive (May, 2010)

“Here We Go Again…” GC 2012


Call me crazy (actually I have been called that), but I’m really excited about designing worship for the General Conference of the United Methodist Church… again.  It was announced last month that the General Commission had chosen me to take on the task […]

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“Keep on Rollin’!”


 Be careful what you pray for.  My pre-Pentecost post (“Church on Fire”) asked you to think about what you are on fire about.  For so many of us in the ministry, we try to ask the important questions of other people, but we can too often ignore those […]

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Thank God for Mentors!


When I was in seminary at Saint Paul School of Theology, I traveled just about every summer and January interterm to Pacific School of Religion to take their elective courses in worship and arts.  I would be there for a week taking one courses in the morning and afternoon.  […]

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