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Archive (November, 2012)

Make A Gesture


When I was twelve years old, I put my little cassette tape player in the front pew, played some soaring music, had someone read the Isaiah passage about “wings as eagles” and I danced my first dance in church. The folks in this little rural church loved children […]

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“Let Yourself Be Moved!”


The two previous blogs this month talked about our worship bodily “behavior”–namely clapping. One aspect of this discussion didn’t crop up yet–I think some of our discomfort with the conversation is the fact that many of us are ambivalent about whether or […]

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FAQ: To Clap or Not To Clap?


Last week’s blog featured a cartoon of an usher asking a couple before showing them to seats in the sanctuary, “Clapping or nonclapping?” This cartoon always gets a big laugh in my workshops because it strikes a chord with so many congregations who struggle with […]

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“E-Valu-ating” Worship


Evaluating worship ought not be like the evaluating we do in our politics. But too often it is. I’m in Minnesota right now teaching a faithful group of Unitarian Universalist leaders from the Prairie Star District that stretches from the northern border of the U.S. […]

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