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Archive (December, 2012)

Light Emerges


I write this as many of you are probably preparing many, many candles for the moment when strains of “Silent Night” will begin at your Christmas Eve services. Preparing candles for any ritual action at any worship experience feels like a sacred duty to me. As I […]

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Anchor Images: When Words Fail


Anchor Images: When Words Fail  This month I am focusing in this blog on what I call “anchor images”–those symbols that can help us live with a core message throughout a worship series. I believe strongly in the power of symbols to help us express sometimes what […]

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FAQ: Creative Worship & Burnout


Last week’s blog was about “anchor images.” This term describes a strong metaphor, a symbol, that can anchor a worship series and give us a focal point throughout. In this week’s FAQ blog, I want to visit the question that inevitably comes up in the afternoon […]

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Steeping in an Anchor Image


I love reading the editorial messages in the front of magazines. In a recent one, the editor was exclaiming the fact that even though it was early fall, the magazine was focused on spring already. Of course they are! A good magazine must be looking ahead and preparing […]

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