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Archive (April, 2013)

Live or Memorex?


Remember those commercials advertising cassette tape players that would ask, “Is it live or Memorex?” It seems that phrase caught on and has continued to be used when we want to express whether something is “real” or not. It came to mind recently as I was talking […]

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The Power of Ritual in Crisis


I flew into Boston Thursday night and the next morning I was wakened with a call to “stay in place”–the city was locked down. A manhunt was on for the remaining live suspect of the bombing at the Boston Marathon. I had a workshop scheduled the next day for those […]

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To See a Sermon


Have you ever “seen” a sermon? Yes, you read that right. This month I am writing about how aesthetics, beauty and visual stimulation are essential for making ritual rich. According to my friend, collaborator and Worship Design Studio guest expert Ted Lyddon Hatten, […]

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The Value of Beauty


When worship is not only substantive, but beautiful, I believe its value to our spiritual lives increases. The message we hear is enhanced by the environment in which we hear it. As ritual artists, we also have to hone our attention to the aesthetics of ritual… in […]

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