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Archive (June, 2013)

For Everyone Born


Whose voices do we hear? How many? Clergy AND lay? Men and women and children and youth? Do we hear a challenging Gospel word as well as a comforting one? Is there room in worship for righteous indignation? These questions and others have characterized my teaching since […]

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“With every ounce…”


“This is your brain on worship!” Remember those commercials that showed an egg frying and said, “this is your brain on drugs?” It is one of the most memorable lines of advertising, proven by the laughter of recognition I get whenever I use this intro in my workshops […]

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New Tunes, New Spirit


A radical thing happened a while ago. Folks started singing words of faith to tunes sounding much like the secular tunes of the day. And I’m not talking about the contemporary worship movement. I’m talking about the Wesley’s (the founders of the Methodist movement). […]

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