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Christmas Out of the Box


When I was growing up in the First United Methodist Church of Adrian, Missouri, we had a live nativity scene every year. Our church was situated on Main Street in this small rural community. People could drive by (often several times) to see who was Joseph and Mary […]

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Blessing of the Backpacks


Recently I was at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. There were so many cool things to experience (including being lucky enough to see a rocket launch while we were there). It brought back memories of my childhood as we watched the landing on the moon. At the Q&A […]

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Communion Prayer for July 4 weekend


Many people in my worship planning retreats ask me about how I reconcile secular holidays with creating substantive, meaningful and memorable liturgy. My answer is that we find the core symbols and meanings expressed in that secular holiday and then “metaphorage” […]

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A Mighty Wind – Fly!


When is resistance good? Actually, on Pentecost of all days! Let me explain… Before we left the SF Bay Area on our RV Adventure, we got to spend a great day with friends doing something I thought I would never experience… FLYING (watch the video of me flying HERE)! […]

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Shine a Light On It


Simple Lighting for Dramatic Effect! As I sit writing this, I’m perched above a creek in a redwood forest and it is a sensory-rich experience. The neurobiology of sensory-rich experiences tells us that when more of our senses are engaged (more brain cells firing off), […]

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5 Ways to Get “Un-Busy” for Lent


My life is busy. Too busy most of the time. What about yours? Do you have enough time of simply “hanging?” Do you get to breathe deeply and set aside the to-do list for a moment and remember that it is ok to just “be?” When we become captive to our agendas and […]

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Away In a Manger


An Easy Christmas Eve Add-on (and a New Year’s Eve Bonus!)” As someone who loves to create an “experience”–whether that is at a dinner party at home or a worship service for 50-5000–I am always looking for ways to delight and inspire those who gather. Just […]

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Don’t (just) say grace


Click HERE to go to the video As Thanksgiving Day approaches, there are many who may be disillusioned with the complexities of family.  Most of us have had our disagreements with family and this certainly is the case when you extend the “family” image to […]

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