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Campus Ministry “At the Crossroads!”

  • Campus Ministry “At the Crossroads!”

AWESOME! That is just one of the ways I would describe the time I had with campus ministers this summer at their national meeting. I was so inspired by their enthusiasm, passion and dedication to the spiritual nurture of persons in a very important time in their lives… college! I am even more excited about being involved in campus ministry in the future. Last week I led a drumming circle for a student orientation free BBQ at the University of California in Berkeley. Wow. It was great to have the rhythm as a way of reflecting on the massive change in life rhythms that these freshman are undergoing. We also affirmed that the rhythm of the “Heartbeat of God” is always with them to ground them through all these changes and that the Wesley Center could be a grounding rhythm to their lives throughout the year. I’ll be with campus ministry folks at the University of Delaware in the coming months as well as a future event for United Methodist campus ministry.

The National Campus Ministry Association (www.campusministry.net) conference in Portland focused on campus ministry “at the crossroads” of postmodernism and faith. This was rich fare and I was honored to share the platform with two other plenary speakers who brought this subject to life: Dr. Reginald Blount and Dr. David Gortner. We also had amazing worship experiences together. I’d like to share with you the worship scripts and the notes to my plenary session and workshops on worship “at the crossroads.” I hope you’ll be inspired, as I was, to contribute to and support, in any way you can, campus ministries in your denomination and area. What a vital and necessary ministry it is!

Download ncma_conference_worship_scripts_for_web.pdf

Download ncma_presentations.pdf

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