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In memory of… relic or symbol?


Three All Saints worship ideas, including one fully-scripted service CLICK HERE Does your church worship relics? “We’re Protestants! Of course not!” you say. Well… As All Saints Sunday rolls around again I am reminded of a church consult I did years ago that […]

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Circles of Hope


Of all the things I get to do, one of my favorite things is designing and leading Annual Conference worship (annual meeting, synod, etc. – whatever each denomination calls it). It is akin to designing a series for local church worship over a liturgical season […]

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Blessing of the Backpacks


Recently I was at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. There were so many cool things to experience (including being lucky enough to see a rocket launch while we were there). It brought back memories of my childhood as we watched the landing on the moon. At the Q&A […]

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Live or Memorex?


Remember those commercials advertising cassette tape players that would ask, “Is it live or Memorex?” It seems that phrase caught on and has continued to be used when we want to express whether something is “real” or not. It came to mind recently as I was talking […]

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To See a Sermon


Have you ever “seen” a sermon? Yes, you read that right. This month I am writing about how aesthetics, beauty and visual stimulation are essential for making ritual rich. According to my friend, collaborator and Worship Design Studio guest expert Ted Lyddon Hatten, […]

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The Brave Parade


This weekend we celebrate the brave parade of a band of folks who believed in a man who was making a difference in people’s lives. He wasn’t coming into the city on strong, overpowering steed. He wasn’t coming in with city musicians playing a fanfare. He was coming […]

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