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Fall Back on All Saints

  • Fall Back on All Saints

[Click HERE to see this in video form]

Today we fall back.

Not just our clocks to usher in the darker days of winter.
But we fall back upon our memories of loved ones gone from this realm.

We fall back
upon the emptiness that we still sometimes feel at their absence.

We fall back
upon our gratefulness that such a cloud of witnesses paved the way for us.

We fall back
upon our faith that just as the Holy walked with them,
so too the Holy walks with us.

And today let us also fall back into the arms of loved ones still with us.
And remember to say how much they mean to us.

And today let us also fall back into the ever-present arms of God.
And remember to say,
“thank you, thank you, thank you.”

May your All Saints Sunday be deeply meaningful.
Dr. Marcia McFee


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  • William Finnin

    Beautifully crafted and theologically on-target meditation. Easily built into a sermon, Marcia. Many thanks for the thoughts and the organization. Peace and joy to you this All Saints evening.

  • Mary Lou

    THANK YOU!!! This is absolutely beautiful and the jazz/blues piano drew me in even further. I thoroughly enjoyed the mini-worship and shared the video on our church FB page!! Thank you!

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