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Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year!

One of the things I love to do on New Year’s Eve is to walk a labyrinth. I’ve gotten to do this in various places over the years but this year I was home here in Tahoe with about 4 feet of snow (and about 5 fresh inches topping it off) on the ground.  So I put on my snowshoes, grabbed a box of glass-enclosed candles, and proceeded to create a spiral labyrinth in the yard.  It was so beautiful!  Friends and neighbors joined in and I’ve decided this has to be a tradition (you know traditions happen pretty fast… as soon as you do something twice!).

Creating meditational walks can actually be pretty easy.  Whether you use pine boughs, masking tape, stones, candles, pinecones or whatever, a designated path can become a way of praying, of intentional focus on our spiritual journeys.  I pray your spiritual journey in 2010 is rich and full of meaning!  Happy New Year!

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