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Worship Design Studio


Here are just a few of the testimonials about Marcia McFee’s work…

About worshipdesignstudio.com, Marcia’s online coaching and worship ideas website:

“I attended your workshop in October and we used “I Believe” at Advent/Christmas and now we are using “The Way”!  We are having such a great time with it all. Our attendance has increased and people are feeling the power of the Holy Spirit in this beautiful holy space that has been created! Thanks so much for your creativity and willingness/ability to share it!”

“My congregation loved our Advent! It truly was memorable and meaningful with comments like ‘do we have to go back to what we did it before?’ As a pastor, it was the best Advent I’ve ever had in my 20+ years in ministry. Thanks for your ideas, dreams and vision for what worship can be! “

“We’ve been using your materials for the past year and have found so many great ideas that have translated into a noticeable difference in our services!”

“Just wanted you to know that your site saved my gluteus maximus this season – and for the annual Christmas concert, no less! I used your Advent thoughts as lead-ins to the narrative that I wrote for each piece in the concert. People are still talking about how well the concert gelled as narrative and song weaved the listeners through the Advent and Christmas experience.  It truly was something other than the usual Christmas story and it moved many hearts.  I thank you so much for the creative thoughts and reflections for each Advent week and beyond that I was able to utilize for this purpose.”

“Thank you so much! Our team is excited, and my hope is that our congregational worship experience will grow, expand and fill hearts!”

“People are still on a ‘high’ from the service days after it is over. They loved the music, all of the visuals, the poetry, the message, the prayers, the scripture, etc.
Thank You!”

“Your materials have been a life line to me here as we have undergone quite a bit of conflict… Worship is not unaffected but it is  still for many of us a sort of Citadel of hope in no small part thanks to you.”

 “Just had to share with you that we were able to create an incredibly meaningful worship experience on Sunday thanks to our participation in the WDS… as we sang “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” to end the service, many had tears freely flowing – including the pastor and myself! The Spirit was definitely flowing through the sanctuary!!.. Thank you for helping us open our minds to be able to deepen the worship experiences for people …”


About Marcia’s Workshops & Retreats:

“Your wonderful workshop continues to bless us here!  Our worship team (and congregation!) has learned so much and, I think, moved to banish boring worship.  Thanks for living joyously into the gifts God gave you!  We can, too!”

“Thank you so much for the informative conference.  We are already beginning to implement ideas at our church.  Your engaging style of presentation with multiple examples helped us to visualize how it would play out.”

“This last week for me was regenerative and inspiring.  I came wondering if I was burnt out with coordinating our contemporary service and feeling that I was missing out on my own worship experience, as I was mired in the details.  You spoke so many truths to me and I am making changes for myself as well.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I hope our paths cross again.”

“Marcia, thank you for your warm thoughts regarding Easter and your dedication to your subscribers to the Workshop. You provided the single most significant continuing education event I have attended since completing my D.Min. I think of what you taught me all of the time and work with great young leaders to make worship meaning and memorable… Thank you so very much for all that you do.”


About Marcia’s leadership at regional denominational conferences:

You did it again! Your leadership of our Worship Team was phenomenal and the outcome was beautiful and exciting. From the Opening Service through the Sending Forth, our worship was some of the very best we have experienced in the twelve years I have been in Louisiana. Thank you for lending your vision, your experience, and your passion for the praise and worship of God to our efforts to make this 2012 Annual Conference something special. And it was!  — Bishop William Hutchinson, Louisiana Area UMC

I can’t tell you how much it meant to me for you to prepare worship for all of our services…I so deeply respect your gifts.  Marcia, you are making an incredible difference in the way we worship. Our people responded so well to your worship, as did the people at General Conference. You make a lively, deeply connecting with God and one another worship seem like a real possibility. All of our senses get involved, and using many media we are connected and grounded in love. Thank you not only for what you did for us in Nebraska, but for the difference you will continue to make across the years. — Bishop Ann Brookshire Sherer-Simpson, Nebraska Area UMC

Thank you for once again providing leadreship in worship at the Louisiana Conference Session. It was a time filled with healing and wholeness, a time of celebration, adn a time of music and word and fellowship… The worship allowed the spiritual grounding needed to carry us into our Holy Conferencing of difficult decisions. — Rev. Don Cottrill, Provost and Director of Connectional Ministries

Thank you for a meaningful worship experience at our 2012 Annual Conference. Each service was a gift… On a personal note, it was good to work with you!… we learned some helpful principles as we plan next year’s Annual Conference. — Dr. Carol Roettmer Brewer, Director of Connectional Ministries, Nebraska Annual Conference

“You were fabulous as always! People were asking questions about when and where they could have more from you even today as we were leaving.”   Barbara Robberson, Texas Annual Conference Passionate Worship Team