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“Think Like a Filmaker!”

  • “Think Like a Filmaker!”

Lately I’ve been working on the idea that worship designers and leaders can learn much from those who create films. We take some pretty incredible stories and transformational messages and we try again and again to bring them to life in deeply meaningful ways. And as the church begins to claim the power of the arts and to practice this in ever more complex ways (especially in the ways emerging generations are practicing it), worship designers need more tools for their artistry. I’m lecturing at two seminaries in Texas right now about this concept. You can get a teaser of this topic by checking out my new article for Creator Magazine’s “Monday Morning Email” at the link below (the article is mid-way down on the page). You may even want to sign up to receive this helpful e-mail resource once you’ve checked it out.

Monday Morning Email Sept 10 Issue

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