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Announcing the #1 best selling new book from Dr. Marcia McFee!

Announcing the #1 best selling new book from Dr. Marcia McFee!

Internationally-renowned worship designer and teacher, Dr. Marcia McFee, gives you her time-tested strategies for creating and sustaining sensory-rich worship that offers unforgettable messages each and every week. Insights from filmmakers: art directors, screenwriters, composers, cinematographers and directors will attract and ignite volunteers as they gain skills for every worship art. Applying these lessons to vital communication of the Greatest-Story-Ever-Told will not only inspire pastors and staff for their work, but will invigorate the congregation’s excitement for Sunday mornings!

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Those who design worship will find here abundant resources for shaping ultimately transformative experiences for congregations of all sorts and sizes

With This Book You'll Learn to:

Take the stress out of worship planning by adopting one important strategy.

Train knowledgeable volunteers that love working on worship.

Streamline your efforts by learning a common design vocabulary and process.

Do it all through a fun exploration of filmmaking techniques, from conceptualizing the story to dealing with "the reviews!"

Marcia McFee, Ph.D., is the Creator and Visionary of the Worship Design Studio, an online coaching and resource website serving hundreds of congregations. Over the last 20 years, she has taught countless workshops and led worship for regional, national and international denominational gatherings. She is the author of The Worship Workshop, has been a guest-lecturer at 13 seminaries and is a sought-after consultant and keynote speaker.

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What My Clients Think

  • Once I started reading, I could not put it down.
  • McFee is one of the most masterful worship guides to appear in decades.
  • Having taught worship for 27 years, I can’t wait to use this book in class.
  • I challenge anyone to read this book and not find it filled with ‘Aha!’ moments.
  • I consider this a new must have book for pastoral leaders.