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What a canvas! GC 2008

  • What a canvas! GC 2008

“What a canvas” is what I kept thinking as the United Methodist General Conference 2008 moved forward through 10 days and 22 worship services! The experience of having created worship with my good friend and Music Director, Mark Miller, and then seeing that design come to life and embodied was exhilarating. Sure, I’ve done this before at annual, jurisdictional, regional conferences. But this venue seemed to present itself as a canvas to me – a great big empty, fairly unattractive arena that was transformed into a space where the Spirit did some amazing work. Take a look at the photo album to the right of this blog for lots of images and descriptions. My hope had been to do an ongoing blog throughout General Conference here but I quickly realized that simply preparing and doing worship in those days, much less reflecting on it, was going to take everything I had. So… check out the pics and click on these links to stories written about the worship.
UM Reporter article before GC
Sights, sounds, movements…
“Branching out…”
Read transcripts of the sermons
View archived video streaming
Article on Opening Worship
Another article on Opening Worship

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