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What to do for Advent/Christmas??

  • What to do for Advent/Christmas??

Friends, it rolls around every year. And we tell the story again. So how to we tell that familiar story, again, in a way that wakes us up to its Good News that we STILL, AGAIN, so desperately need? How will this year “top” last year? Well, that is not actually the right question. Perhaps better asked is “How will this year be exactly the right thing FOR THIS YEAR?”

The webinar I did today delved into these questions and more… how do we have an “M-M-Good” season (that’s “Meaningful and Memorable”)? How do we get people involved and engaged? How do we create a sense of anticipation and participation? How can the theology of the season help us discern a thematic direction for a worship series? How do I do all of this in the midst of the overwhelm of ministry?

HERE is the link to the whole webinar.

If you only have 15 minutes, do THIS ONE.

If you have less time than that, then you need help 🙂 CHECK THIS OUT (get Advent done right now).

Always here to inspire and serve… I’m honored to do so,

Dr. Marcia McFee


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