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Worship Design Studio Tahoe

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Wow!  What an amazing group of 11 worship teams we had at the first EVER Worship Design Studio Tahoe event.  We gathered for three days to brainstorm our way through the liturgical year.  I can’t wait to keep getting reports back throughout the year about how their incredible plans get embodied.  As usual, the Tahoe events are filled with laughter, tears, learning, playing, sighing over incredible blue-sky days and sunsets over the lake, new friends and colleagues and lots of work by dedicated persons who love their churches.


As I prepared to guide these teams through the liturgical year, I discovered something.  The seasons seem to answer some basic human needs–yearning for something to be born in us again, to find purpose and mission for one’s life, to discover new life and light, to cry “justice” in the face of injustice, among others.  I’ve always loved the ebbs and flows of the liturgical year and I feel like I’m falling in love all over again with how our need is intersected time and again by God’s presence in human history–including our own time and place.


Speaking of the Worship Design Studio, the on-line version launched last week as well with a PODcast and supporting documents filled with ideas for the Advent/Christmas season.  You can still hop on board and become part of this virtual support system for your worship planning.  Be sure to visit the Worship Design Studio page on my website to learn more.  You can even just try one PODcast “a la carte” to see if it will match your needs and then we’ll apply your a la carte payment to the year-long subscription if you decide to go for it.  I’ve already gotten e-mails saying “Wow-thanks!  The only problem is that we never got through the PODcast as we kept stopping it because we were coming up with so many great ideas for our Advent season!”  I invite you to this journey… you’ll be as “jazzed” as the group in the picture above!  (Can you find the Texans “hookin horns”?)

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