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Worship Design Studio

The Worship Design Studio (Interactive and Innovative Worship Resources)

271135_10151155061214844_977491844_nThe Worship Design Studio is a part of who Dr. Marcia McFee is as a professor, consultant, coach and visionary ritual artist. She has poured her heart and soul into this amazing online resource so that worship staff and volunteers can have the inspiration, education and tools that they need anytime right where they are.

The website includes templates, podcasts, series & themes, video learning sessions, brainstorming exercises, articles, interviews and more.

And it is the home of the Worship Design Studio Design App, a cloud-based software application that will take you through the process of designing worship series from start to finish and includes the whole team in brainstorming, resource gathering and managing tasks right from their own computers!

Watch this Video to Learn More!

Give it a try! It costs less per Sunday than one specialty latté! Worship has the greatest impact on the greatest number of people in your church. It is the invitation for visitors to make your church their spiritual home and it is the doorway to greater involvement in the rest of the ministries of your church. Dr. McFee wants to be a part of your team as you make meaningful and memorable worship a priority this year.


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